Sunday, February 28, 2010


We got the greatest lunch box. It's called The Goodbyn. It has several sections to keep food seperate so your cucumber romaine wrap never smells like a banana. It has a reusable drink bottle that actually holds the amount of beverage a kid will drink at lunch. It's cute and I will never have to buy evil plastic baggies again. It comes with tons of stickers so it can be personalized. Kids like stickers.

There is a grown up version available too. It has no ears...and no stickers.

You can order one here:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Grant Me a Wish

I have spent the better part of the winter writing grants for the farmers' market. One might not think it costs much to operate a farmers' market but is is surprisingly costly. Most of the cost is for advertising and marketing, which in the market's infancy is vital to getting customers to break their super market habits and make the market a part of their weekly routine.

Last season we opened The Market Grill, a stand alone portable kitchen where we make ready to eat meals using ingredients sourced from our vendors. The concept has proven to be a challenge. Food is seasonal...and vendors are not always reliable. If the cheese vendor doesn't show up...we have no cheese. If the pork vendor doesn't show get the point. Despite the challenges, The Market Grill has proven to be a nice revenue stream. In addition to serving healthy meals, we are also show casing the ease of cooking with local ingredients.

We hope to make improvements to The Market Grill that will allow us to serve a more varied menu and to serve more patrons who choose to eat at the market or carry out. With a little extra effort...and a lot more customers, The Market Grill could allow us to be self sustaining and not have to rely on grants so much.