Friday, January 29, 2010

Down and Out and Face Down

A gentleman came into the deli last night. I hesitate to call him a gentleman as he was far from it. Gentle, yes. A man, yes. But combining those two words does not help to describe the sad state this young, Mohawk sporting, tattoo laden, toothless fellow was in. At first glance he appeared to me a transient sort in search of a warm place. He asked to fill out a job application. I was obliged to allow this so he could take fifteen minutes away from the cold and wind. He asked for a pen and sat down at the booth closest to the cash register. Within five minutes he was face-down on the table, pen still in hand. I was unable to stir him even with my best, hey buddy, ya gotta wake up bartender voice. Numerous attempts were made but he was out cold, as it were. Fearing the worst, I checked for signs of life from a distance. He was indeed breathing and an occasional lip twitch reassured me he was not dead. Lacking any alternative, I telephoned the police and asked for assistance in removing him from the deli. The police were quick to arrive. Several attempts were made to rouse him and eventually it worked. They asked the usual question, who are you, do you know where you are, etc. He seemed to know who he was but he was not willing to give up much more information. The police questioned him for at least a half an hour, asking him to remove items like a candle and very clean, white shoes from a satchel he had in his possessions. They questioned him about the candle repeatedly, asking if he stole it from the Christian book store. They even asked if the candle had a scent. One officer went so far as to bend over and smell the candle and remarked, "Ah, yes, it does smell good." He never did return the application or the pen. I also believe he stole two chocolate chip cookies. The police officers put him in the back of their car and drove off into the night under the biggest, whitest, brightest moon I have ever seen. And I continued to clean the sneeze guard with white vinegar as we were out of glass cleaner.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Like Dogs

And I like people who go out of their way to help dogs. I was asked to create a custom piece for the humane society benefit auction. It was a joy to do.
This is Grace...and hopefully someone will buy this light box so that dogs without love, homes, food and behind the ear rubs might have a chance.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Casablanca: Overlooking Atwood Lake

If you've never been to Casablanca in Delroy you really ought to go. It is a husband and wife team, the wife is the chef, the husband the maitre d'. Their restored 1860's home serves as a restaurant by reservation only. The menu is eclectic and includes steaks, seafood and pasta. The food is typically American with a hint of Mediterranean. They do not accept credit cards and something about that sits right with me.I am thinking of taking Clint here for Valentine's Day. In all the years we have been together, we have never gone here together. It was a favorite place for me and my Dad. I think Clint will love it.

Friday, January 8, 2010


BUCKEYE: Monday- Chicken parm.; bread sticks; salad; peaches. Tuesday- Chicken nuggets; dipping sauce; parsley rice; fruit; green beans; homemade cookie. Wednesday- Coney; mac & cheese; veggie; apple crisp. Thursday- French toast sticks; syrup; sausage links; hash browns; OJ; muffin. Friday- Pasta supreme; augratin beans; bread sticks; fruit.

CLAYMONT: Monday- Hot dog; corn; peaches; Twix bar. Tuesday- Mustang burger; pickles; hash browns; peas; mandarin oranges. Wednesday- Fish sandwich; tartar sauce; mac & cheese; green beans; fruit. Thursday- Spaghetti; meatsauce; salad; apple/cherry crisp; bread stick. Friday- Pizza; cheddar cheese wedge; celery stick/dip; applesauce; bread stick.

CONOTTON VALLEY: Monday- Pizza/Taco sticks; corn; fruit snacks; fruit. Tuesday- Mini corn dogs; potato chips; sherbet cup; baked beans. Wednesday- Chicken patty; noodles; carrots; apple crisp. Thursday- Fish; fries; cheese chunks; pineapple. Friday- Pizza; broccoli/cheese; corn chips; jello.

DOVER: Monday- Chicken/ranch snack wrap; lettuce & cheese; pears; pretzel rods. Tuesday- Pizza; corn; peaches. Wednesday- Sausage patty, egg, & cheese english muffin; tater tots; banana. Thursday- Shredded turkey sandwich; green beans; applesauce. Friday- No School!

GARAWAY ELEM.: Monday- Hot dog -or- Coney; baked beans; pears; cheetos. Tuesday- Popcorn chicken; butter bread; green beans; fruit turnover. Wednesday- Hamburger gravy; mashed potatoes; roll; corn; baked apples. Thursday- Toasted cheese; tomato soup/crackers; baby carrots/dip; applesauce. Friday- Stuffed crust pizza; peas; peaches.

INDIAN HILLS: Monday- French toast sticks; sausage links; fruit. Tuesday- Chicken on salad; crackers; tomato soup; cinnamon roll. Wednesday- Pizza; carrots/dip; munchies; treat. Thursday- Walking taco; Gold Fish; applesauce; cookie bar. Friday- Turkey sandwich; potato soup; fruit; dessert.

The local newspaper prints the school lunch menus complete with misspellings. I am appalled at the amount of processed, canned, frozen, artificially sweetened and just plain unhealthy food being served to our children. There are no whole grains, no fresh fruits and everything seems to have some kind of breading on it. If carrots are served they come with dip? Most kids believe carrots are just a vehicle for dip anyway.
60% of Tuscarawas County residents are over weight. Hmmmm?