Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Planting-The Beginning

On Sunday I put in a row cover for the radish and carrot bed. I used PVC pipe and steel rods to make the frame. Plastic or frost fabric works well to keep the seedlings warm. The fabric is nice because you can water through it. The row cover also keeps out deer and bunnies, my Spring-time arch enemies. They too, want fresh food. The temperature is just right for planting cool weather crops. I put in two rows of French breakfast Radishes and a row of Danvers Half-Long Carrots. I am waiting on a seed order from Le Jardin du Gourmet www.artisticgardens.com/. When the seeds arrive I will add spinach, Spring garlic and lettuce to the bed. The soil is warm enough to work. I am ready for fresh food. Radishes take 25 days.